A Traveler’s Guide To Finding An Affordable Hotel In Penang

Penang is one of the most vibrant states in Malaysia. As a top tourist destination, the region is home to all sorts of establishments offering accommodation services. If you’re looking for a hotel in Penang, it’s quite easy to find one but room rates significantly vary. If you’re on a tight travel budget, you have to seriously consider all your options and compare their prices. Almost all of the hotels operating in the region have their own websites. You should use these sites to look into their services and their room rates. A few minutes of good research can save you a lot of money and resources.

Book in Advance for the Best Rates


It would also be a good idea to book in advance your stay at a budget hotel in Penang. This ensures that you have a place to stay once you get there. A very common mistake that travellers make is that they only start looking for accommodation when they reach Penang. This can be very problematic especially during peak seasons of tourist arrivals. Left with very few options, you will be forced to stay at expensive hotels that will quickly eat away at your limited budget.

Choose a Hotel in the Best Location


Another consideration you should think about when booking a hotel Penang is the location. If you are travelling for business, it’s best that you find accommodation at a place that’s as near as possible to the venue of your scheduled business meeting. For instance, if you want an affordable hotel near Komtar Penang, then Tune Hotels would be an ideal place to book a room. The hotel chain offers premium accommodations at very affordable rates. Their services are top notch and their location makes it easy for you to access all the major destinations and business centres in Penang.