The 3 Best Points of Interest in Port Dickson, Malaysia

Port Dickson, Malaysial

Port Dickson, Malaysia is a true haven for rest and relaxation. It is a short 45-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur airport. From Singapore, you need to drive for a little over 3 hours to get to Port Dickson. It is a favourite weekend getaway for couple and families with kids because of its beaches and laid-back vibe.

Tourists can also take the bus from Singapore to PD for a truly relaxing and stress-free trip. Here are a few points of interest in Port Dickson that you shouldn’t miss:


Malaysian Army Museum


  1. Malaysian Army Museum

For people who like history, the military museum is one of the must-see places in PD. There are two buildings holding military hardware and vintage weaponry. There are also helicopters and armoured cars which kids can climb and take photos at. If you’re keen on teaching your children a little more about their Malay heritage, the tunnel provides a good lesson. It’s a replica of the tunnels where communist guerrillas escaped at the time of the Malay emergency.

The museum is easily accessible from the main road and admission is free.


Alive 3D Art Gallery


  1. Alive 3D Art Gallery

This is one of the popular attractions in PD. Located at Lukut, the Alive 3D art Gallery has more than 50 murals and art paintings rendered in 3D. 3D art galleries are becoming a trend in Asian countries because it offers a fresh take on art. It also lets the guests become part of the pieces with their wacky poses and expressions You’ll have lots of fun here, especially if you’re bringing kids with you. The place is spacious, clean, and fully air-conditioned.


Ostrich Farm

  1. Ostrich Farm

Ostriches are large, flightless birds which are now raised for their meat, eggs, and skin. Ostrich leather is a prized commodity and is used in making purses, shoes, belts and many more. At the Ostrich farm in Port Dickson, guests can interact with these gentle creatures. Kids and adults can even ride the ostriches for a minimal fee. Aside from ostriches, there are also rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, peacocks and other animals. They can be fed and petted. Of course, they can also be photographed.

These are just three of the many places you can go to in Port Dickson. Enjoy a weekend with the family or a romantic beach getaway whenever you come here.