3 Tips on Spending The Weekend in Port Dickson, Malaysia

Port Dickson, Malaysia is a traveler’s dream getaway. If you’re a young urban professional from Singapore or Indonesia, Port Dickson is an accessible destination for a well-deserved break for the weekend. Whether you’re going there alone or with friends or a significant other, you won’t run out of interesting and fun activities. For water babies, head to the Blue Lagoon for crystal clear waters and find sand for an afternoon of sun bathing. There are also plenty of water activities and adventures for thrill-seekers.

However, if you are looking for something more relaxed and unhurried, here are three things to do in Port Dickson:

  1. Climb Cape Rachado LighthouseClimb Cape Rachado Lighthouse is thing must do in PD

Cape Rachado Lighthouse is reputed to be one of the oldest lighthouses in Malaysia. It dates back to the time when the Portuguese ruled Malacca. There is an intimidating and seemingly endless flight of stairs that leads to the very top of the lighthouse. It may take some effort, but the view at the top is very well worth the climb. The lighthouse offers some of the most breathtaking vistas of the sea and of Port Dickson’s birds. Tourists come here to capture the most romantic sunset views.

  1. Visit the PD Ostrich Show FarmVisit the PD Ostrich Show Farm and meet some ostrich friends

Ostriches are flightless birds which are now farmed in different regions. Apart from ostrich meat, which is lean and very tasty, they are also prized for their leather and eggs. An ostrich egg can grow very large and has an exceptionally tough shell. Children and adults will have an interesting time seeing the ostriches in this farm. It will give them a chance to see these magnificent birds up close and learn more about them from the expert guides.

  1. Go to the Wan Loong Chinese TempleGo to the Wan Loong Chinese Temple and pray everything to do in PD

Malaysia’s Chinese roots run deep and this is evident in the number of amazing temples in different parts of the country. In Port Dickson, the most famous one is the Wan Loong Chinese Temple which literally means “Dragon of the Clouds”. The temple was built to honor the goddess Kuan Yi as well as the monkey king. This temple is built in an elaborate complex that is visited by thousands each year.

Port Dickson, Malaysia offers something for nature lovers, adventure seekers, or for those who just want to get out of the concrete jungle for a few short days. Apart from these three spots, there are more beaches and dining attractions to visit.